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2x PCR Master Mix (Ready-to-Load)


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SOFTEC 2X PCR Master Mix (ready-to-load) is a 2X concentration mixture consisting of all the components required for PCR except DNA template and primers. This pre-mixed formulation saves time and reduces contamination due to the reduction of pipetting steps required for PCR setup. The mixture is optimized for efficient and reproducible PCR. It is thermostable. After the PCR reaction, the PCR product can be loaded directly onto an agarose gel. The blue loading dye migrates in an agarose gel. The inert dye has no effect on the amplification process, and therefore, a sample can be easily re-amplified such as in “nested PCR”.

ZT-PCRMXR-01 100 Reactions (1,25ml)
ZT-PCRMXR-05 5 X 100 Reactions (5 X 1,25ml)