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Ebola Zaire RT-qPCR Kit


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SOFTEC Ebola Zaire RT-qPCR Kit is the qualitative detection and identification of the selected target gene within the genomes of Zaire Ebola Virus isolated from blood, plasma or serum. Kit principle is based upon the transcription of RNA to complementary DNA (cDNA) using reverse-transcriptase (RT). This cDNA is used as template for real time RT-qPCR. The cDNA target sequences are amplified utilizing DNA polymerase by PCR process. PCR has three steps: the first step is melting, DNA is denatured at high temperature yielding to single stranded; the second step is annealing, target specific primers anneal to the target sequence in cDNA; the last and third step is elongation that primers attached to t a r g e t s e q u e n c e s a r e e x t e n d e d b y D N A polymerase.SOFTEC Ebola Zaire RT-qPCR Kit comes in 4 different tubes and contains all the components necessary to perform RT-qPCR in a single tube on qPCR cyclers.

ZT-EBOV-01-200 200 Tests
ZT-EBOV-01-1000 1000 Tests
ZT-EBOV-01-2000 2000 Tests